Investment Capital

Substantial capital backing

We enjoy substantial capital backing from our parent company, which gives us a flexibility and a rapidity of response which is unusual in a sector dominated by market driven institutions. This enables us to take a long term view when evaluating potential investments. With our network of long-standing financial partners, we are able to offer the right structure for any investment opportunity, whether senior debt, a market placed bond, or straight equity investment. We have a strong relationship with top global banks, but we also work with a range of banks who bring the appropriate expertise to specific transactions.

Our sister company the UME Group has been at the forefront of the UK private initiative (PFI) and were instrumental in its debut in 1997. We have invested in 17 PFIs in the UK. Our partnership approach to healthcare means that we have a deep understanding of the benefits of public private partnership (PPP) not only as investors, but also as health advisers and consultants.

Great Western Hospital, Swindon, Wiltshire, England

  • Facility: 500-bed hospital
  • Type: PFI₸
  • Client: Swindon and Marlborough NHS Trust
  • Value: £157 million (USD 236.2 million)
  • SMC’s Role: Investor and SPV *manager (as well as provider of commissioning)

Princess Royal University Hospital, Kent, England

  • Facility: 525-bed hospital
  • Engagement: Managed equipment contract (PFI)
  • Value: £11 million (USD 18.4 million)
  • Client: Oman Medical Projects Company (OMPC)
  • SMC ’s Role: Equipping and full managed equipment service including maintenance and replacement

Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford, Kent, England

  • Facility: 403-bed hospital
  • Type: PFI₸
  • Client: Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust
  • Value: £127 million (USD 213 million)
  • SMC’s Role: Investor and SPV *manager (as well as provider of specialist services)

*SPV: Special Purpose Vehicle
ǁ BOT: Build, operate and transfer
₸ PFI: Private Finance Initiative

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