CliniCom®: 30 Years of Experience in Commissioning in One Comprehensive Solution

SMC provides specialist commissioning services to public and private sector clients worldwide. It draws on considerable experience with over 24 hospitals fully commissioned in its 40 year history. SMC has developed CliniCom® as a response to clients’ needs to commission hospitals within tight deadlines and financial constraints.

CliniCom® is a proprietary standardized commissioning methodology for hospitals which was developed in-house in the year 2000 and used in all of our commissioning projects ever since. Its benefits are that it offers clients a way to manage the complex relationships that exist within a commissioning program including: clinical, estates and maintenance, equipment, staffing and processes and systems.

Clinicom® is

  • Systematic – Right activities at right time
  • Comprehensive – All activities documented
  • Accountability Framework = Synchronises activities of all Agencies i.e. Architects; Builders;Equippers; Commissioners; Trainers; and QA.
  • Flexible – meets local needs
  • Critical Path Analysis – outlines critical milestones
  • Scenario Planning and Option Appraisal

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